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Therefore Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest - Matthew 9:38

30 Days of Prayer during Ramadan: April 2-May 1.

“During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and break the fast with a great feast termed Id al-Fitra. During Ramadan, Muslims have a heightened sense of religious obligation and at the same time, some also experience a heightened awareness of the emptiness of the religious rituals and long for more.  We know that the “more” they seek is Jesus, the only Savior who can forgive sins and give the assurance of salvation. To this end, we pray for their salvation with intensified fervour and passion during Ramadan.” (Global Initiative)

The purpose of this prayer is to :

  1. Educate ourselves about what over 1.8 billion of the world’s people are engaging in this month.
  2. Pray that God apprehends hearts during this season of prayer and fasting.
  3. Pray that God builds up Jesus-followers in Muslim regions.
  4. Pray that God teaches us something new about His inexhaustible love for ALL of his children. (Open Doors)

Use the Following Resources available for your Intercession:

  1. A 30 Day Prayer Guide for the Moslem World by Global Initiative.
    You can read condensed Daily Prayer Points during the Ramadan month and pray for the Moslem people: Click here:

2. ‘Pray4Movements’ Prayer for the Moslem World.
Champions are pursuing continuous prayer for Muslim cities, countries, and people groups during Ramadan”. Choose the 24/7 initiative and sign-up on their web page for a daily prayer slot.
You will receive a daily email with a link to go and read that day’s prayer fuel for each area.
For more information and enrolment: Click Here

3. A 30 Day Prayer Booklet for the Moslem World.
Has the media convinced you that Muslims are to be feared or hated? Have you observed these attitudes in your church, in yourself? Yet, unprecedented numbers of our world’s Muslim neighbors have discovered the heart transforming presence of Christ through prayer.”
Click here to Order this booklet online. To read the 30 Day Prayer Booklet online

4. Pray for Moslem World during Ramadan: Open Doors.
“Perhaps, in God’s grace, he might make Ramadan—a thing Christians usually avoid—into one of the very tools God uses to bring people to His heart. To participate, download the free Pray for the Muslim World prayer journal‘:
Click here to register: Open Doors Prayer Guide.

Thank you for praying and mobilizing Prayer for this April initiative.
Please forward this link for the above resources to your Intercessors.

Thanks to Global Initiative, Pray4Movements, and Open Doors for their resources.

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