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Therefore Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest - Matthew 9:38


Venezuela, officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country on the northern coast of South America. Venezuela’s territory covers around 916,445 sq kms. with an estimated population of nearly 30 Million people.

Capital: Caracas

President: Nicolás Maduro

Government: Presidential system, Federal republic, Federation, Socialist state, Constitutional republic, Republic

Official language: Spanish Language

Let us pray for Venezuela:

1. For peace and to not have violence increase but rather subside.

2. For wisdom on the part of the pastors to know how to shepherd their flocks and avoid allowing the situation to emotionally divide their congregations.

3. For the workers in other countries of the world affected by the economic situation.

The Church in Venezuela:

According to the Operation World, there is increasing size and influence of evangelicals. Not only is numerical growth continuing at a modest but stable rate, but evangelicals are beginning to be recognized as a legitimate expression of the Church and as key players in social and political scenes.

Believers are not content to rest on their laurels. In 2002, a goal was set to plant 25,000 churches and fellowships by the year 2015; many feel this is achievable. Beyond basic evangelism, churches are also starting new ministries that impact social and communal ministry and mission vision.

Venezuela has been in the news a lot lately because of the protests and turmoil. Inflation rates have hit 57%, and public newspapers acknowledge shortages of basic food products such as Flour, Milk, Diapers, and even toilet paper.  As well, more importantly, it has been public knowledge that many people have been killed in the confrontations between police and protestors.

The church there is strong, but is also affected by this situation. Pastors are in need of wisdom as they often have members who are on both sides of the political conflict.

As well, Venezuela has been the 3rd strongest missions program in Assemblies of God. They have over 1000 churches and is one of the strongest Pentecostal denominations in the Country. However these situations have affected the ability since the first of the year to get funds to their workers on the field. This is causing great hardship to a number of their workers in a number of countries.

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