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Therefore Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest - Matthew 9:38

War Breaks Out in Sudan.

War erupted two weeks ago in Sudan where Forces loyal to two rival generals are vying for control, with civilians suffering the most, with dozens killed and hundreds injured.
Doctors and several eyewitnesses said medical facilities were being bombarded with military strikes between the Sudanese army and paramilitary. The power struggle has its roots in the dictatorial ruler Omar al-Bashir, who built up formidable security forces that he deliberately set against one another.
A fragile truce created a lull for tens of thousands of Sudanese to flee to safer areas and for foreign nations to evacuate hundreds of their citizens by land and sea.
Some of the Missionaries trapped have been evacuated to safety.


  • Sudan has known only war for its entire modern history.
  • Violence is rife throughout Sudan, which is regarded as one of the world’s least stable nations. 
  • Sudan is a Muslim-majority nation of 48 million people with only about 2.5% Evangelical Christians.
  • Increasing numbers of Muslims are turning to Jesus, in some cases, even entire villages. They are often disillusioned by Islam and attracted to Jesus.
  • The openness among many is remarkable, and believers from Muslim backgrounds number in the tens of thousands. But millions remain virtually unreached by the gospel.
People affected by war (pic United Nations)

Please PRAY:

  • For the violence to cease and normalcy will return.
  • Pray that the legacy of oppressive, militaristic rule in Sudan might be ended in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray for a government that will oversee the flourishing of the country – most importantly through the rapid spread of the gospel.
  • Pray for 79 Unreached People groups here.
  • Pray for the Church to be strong and Missionaries to return.
  • For the population fled during the military’s genocidal campaign and many are now returning, despite the continued threat of renewed persecution.

Sources: New Media, Operation World.

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