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Therefore Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest - Matthew 9:38

Ukraine and Thailand has experience prolonged opposition demonstrations during the past weeks and this week it has erupted in violence and loss of lives.

Please pray that these situations will create a spiritual climate for openness to the Gospel.


The Ukrainian Church Leaders are earnestly seeking prayer to diffuse the crisis in their nation.
According to the information received, the leaders of the Council of churches, representing over 80% of population, including the Ukraine Pentecostal Union (who are members of the WAGF), have met with the President and Opposition Leaders. They have appealed to stop violence and bloodshed and encouraged a peaceful solution to the nation’s political crisis.

A statement from a Church leader says:
All Christians in Ukraine, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox are united in prayer seeking God for restoration of peace in our Society.
Please pray for:
1. For president and those in power turn to God and seek God’s wisdom to solve the conflict.
2. For restoration of peace in our society and securing territorial integrity of the country.
3. For all participants of mass actions to avoid provocations, violence and bloodshed.

Meanwhile, respected Ukrainian Evangelical leader has stated “The situation in Ukraine is extremely tense. Peace is extremely fragile and the church can and should play a reconciling role on behalf of all Christians of Ukraine. I am calling on the global Christian community for prayer and support at this critical time for our nation.”…

Information on Ukraine:
Population: 45,433,415 – Capital: Kyiv (Kiev)
Christians 35,896,941 79%
Evangelicals 1,737,245 3.8%
Please mobilize Prayer for Ukraine.


Thailand needs your Prayer.
The ongoing protest during the past weeks have seen violence and deaths in the recent days.
Thailand which is a Buddhist Nation need to see the demonstration of God’s Power and grace during this crisis. The opening of spiritual eyes and hunger for truth is often birthed when a nation is going through political crisis.

Thailand needs Revival!
Thailand has over 68 Million People and the Christians are just over 1% and the Evangelicals are only 0.5%!
Thailand desperately needs a spiritual awakening as no significant move of God or Spiritual breakthroughs has been experienced in the recent times. The Church needs to be strengthened and political crisis can be an opportunity for a Spiritual Breakthrough in this Nation.

See Article: The Difficulty in Evangelizing Thailand.…


Revolution Remembrance: Many Egyptians are returning to Tahrir square to dually celebrate the third year of the 2011 revolution, and collaboratively request the current military chief, Al-Sisi, to run for the presidency. Three years in, most just want to return to stability and have even said it was better when Mubarak (the first ousted president) was in power. Pray God’s Spirit pierces this desperate Egyptian purview, and illuminates the people to see that Jesus alone is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” and God has entrusted governments to the shoulders of this Prince of peace.


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